EYUC2013SpiritwinnersSpirit winners and final standings

A memorable tournament is over. Thanks everybody who has helped making this tournament a big sucess, especially all coaches and team staff members as well as all volunteers and local staff. Thank you, of course, too, everybody who took part. Please rate us on FFindr.

Spirit winners

U17 Girls: Austria
U17 Open: Ireland
Junior Women: Austria
Junior Open: France

EYUC2013_U17-Girls-WinnerFinal standings

 U17 Girls
1. Germany
2. Austria
3. Great Britain
4. France
5. Netherlands

U17 Open
1. Great Britain
2. Germany
3. Austria
EYUC2013_U17-Open-Winner4. France
5. Israel
6. Sweden
7. Ireland
8. Belgium

Junior Women
1. Germany
2. Italy
3. Austria
4. France
5. Finland
6. Czech Republic
7. Great BritainEYUC2013_Junior-Women-Winner
8. Ireland
9. Latvia
10. Russia
11. Israel
12. Slovakia

Junior Open
1. Germany
2. France
3. Sweden
4. Great Britain
5. AustriaEYUC2013_Junior-Open-Winner1
6. Czech Republic
7. Israel
8. Switzerland
9. Ireland
10. Italy
11. Belgium
12. Russia
13. Slovakia
14. Finland
15. Netherlands
16. Latvia

All results can be found at http://results.ultimatefederation.eu/?view=played&Season=EYUC2013

The daily Newsletter “Ulti Telegraph” finally is available as pdf documents. See here the coloured versions 1 to 5 from Tuesday, August 06, Ulti-Telegraph1, Wednesday, August 7, Ulti-Telegraph2, Thursday, August 8, Ulti-Telegraph3, Friday, August 9, Ulti-Telegraph4, and Saturday, August 10, Ulti-Telegraph5.

From the finals of Junior Division you also find a score-by-score reporting at http://results.ultimatefederation.eu/?view=timetables&Season=EYUC2013

Twitter feedback at https://twitter.com/search?q=%23EYUC2013&src=hash&mode=realtime.

You find loads of pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/muellerlaschet.gero/EM_Samstag_202?authkey=Gv1sRgCLDD1cjfib-rGw


The EUF 2013 European Youth Ultimate Championships, Cologne, NRW August 05-10, 2013.

The event took place on the Stadionvorwiesen (north of RheinEnergie-Stadium Cologne), official address: Aachener Straße 999, 50933 Köln. Address of pitches: Olympiaweg/ corner Oskar Rehfeldt-Weg, with eight WFDF conform pitches as well as center court at the ASV Cologne Club (with grand stand), Olympiaweg 3, 50933 Köln which is located in the west end of the city. We were hosting more than 40 teams in 4 divisions of play at EYUC2013: Junior Open, Junior Girls, Open Under 17, & Girls Under 17. In the last EYUC event in Worzlaw, Poland in 2011, 30 teams from 13 countries participated. Here are the EYUC 2011 results:

Our Mission was to host an elite event that unites young Ultimate players from around europe and provides them with an unforgettable Ultimate experience that is safe, welcoming, and worry-free. We wish to set the standard for European Championship Ultimate events by organizing an event that is completely athlete focused, detail oriented, and that fully utilizes our modern technologies. Your national association will determine how many divisions it wishes to send a team for in 2013. It is our goal to welcome more than 40 teams total from at least 15 countries

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Ted Beute says:

    I am the EUF Treasurer.
    What’s the address where our Czech manufacturer has to send the tournament medals to ?
    Cheers, Ted


    Veel succes uit Arnhem gewenst aan alle Nederlandse meiden!!

  3. martine says:

    Lots of EYUC 2013 Cologne photo’s to watch…most of the Dutch teams but also of their opponents, other teams, every team at the opening ceremony, and more

  4. martine says:

    The link above is an impression of this EYUC and the teams that participated.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/nbits42/sets/ > Eyuc pics made by Niek Bakker.
    Lots of movies as well from the dance&music battle between the Dutch and the Italian team after the last EYUC diner….
    Video of Opening ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vVrK_HZXxo
    stroopwafel game Belgium-Holland after the line up:

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