team representatives

Team Representatives

Each team at the EYUC European Youth Ultimate Championship 2013 is responsible for having three (3) representatives.

Update from July 2013: EUF decided that every team as fourth person has to name a spirit captain, too.

Team Manager: This person is responsible for all the non-playing administrative interests of the team throughout the event. The responsibilities of the Team Manager shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Register the team and players for the tournament
  • Be the main communication point for the EYUC2013 organization committee prior to and after the event
  • Ensure that all team and player fees are paid on time
  • Ensure that all of the team’s organizational aspects are taken care of (liaise with TOC about flight times, to arrange accommodations and airport shuttles)
  • Ensure all players have submitted signed EUF and Event waivers

Team Coach: This person is responsible for the team during the event (both on and off the field). The team coach will be present with the team for the duration of the event and should not be a participant (can be the same person or split the responsibilities with the team manager). Team coach’s responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Will be the main team contact during the event
  • Manage any on-field or off-field disputes that may arise
  • Attend the Coach’s Meeting
  • Ensure that all players follow the responsibilities and code of conduct set out by the event organizers.
  • Ensure the player’s safety during all off field activities
  • Enforce absolutely no drinking of alcohol amongst all players
  • Maintaining a list of important local contacts in case of an emergency

Team Captain: This person(s) must be a player on the team’s roster. The team captain will be the on-field representative whose responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Team’s on-field liaison for game officials and score keepers
  • acting as example for the teammates, co-responsible for a positive attitude
  • sign off on the score sheet
  • communicate with other Team Captains as needed

Spirit Captain

  • responsible for the SOTG score sheets
  • together with the team fill in the score sheet question by question at the end of the game
  • submit spirit score (remember: 10 is a normal rating for a normal game)
  • liaise with the EYUC2013 Spirit director if any team’s spirit issues arises
  • See the overview concerning EYUC2013 SOTG behaviour

It would be best that all representatives speak English whenever possible.