guests about eyuc 2013

EYUC 2013 means “European Youth Ultimate Championships”,EUF-Logo

which as an official event of the European Ultimate Federation, EUF, takes playe every year in another city of europe. Every even year it is an event with only two divisions, U17 Junior Open and U17 Junior Girls, combined with the Junior Open and Junior Girls World Championships (lastly held in Dublin, 2012). Every odd year it is a “pure” EYUC with four divisions of play:

  • Junior Open (1994 or younger)
  • Junior Girls (1994 or younger)
  • Junior Open U17 (1997 or younger)
  • Junior Girls U17 (1997 or younger)

The Games will be played on WFDF conform pitches, with little restrictions in the width dimensions of the maximum extension (about 35 meter width with the restrain lines necessary) two times four fields on the Stadionvorwiese and the Center Court in the ASV stadium, see the following map of the venue. For route planning see directions.