players directions and public transport

Public transport

For those participants who like to travel through Cologne by public transport, the Tournament Organisation Comitee (TOC) can order week tickets for the price of 22,40 EUR each. With this tickets you can drive througout Cologne from Monday, August 4, until Sunday, August 11.

The TOC will gather the numbers of all particpants seriously interested until July, 20, and pick up all week tickets together at the public transport enterprise So you don’t have any problems taking the Stadtbahn (tram) and busses.

Especially for participants sleeping in the youth hostel in Deutz it is very convenient to use the Stadtbahn Line 1 from Deutz to the Greenfield on the Stadionvorwiese. It’s a direct connection all along the Aachener Street, just drive direction “Köln-Weiden West” and exit at Station “RheinEnergie Stadion”.

Please tell the TOC by mailing to, as subject use “public transport”: How many people on your team want to buy a week ticket for public transport (possible for players, staff and guests)? Beware: This order is compulsory (if you order 20 tickets you will have to pay 20 tickets). You’ll get the tickets when registering on site. All you will have to do is fill in your peronal data on the back so you can travel through Cologne worry free.

The direction to the pitches

If you come by train, exit Central Station and take The Stadtbahn line 16 or 18 direction Bonn, two stopps until Neumarkt. There change to Stadtbahn Line 1 direction Köln-Weiden West and exit at Station RheinEnergie Stadion. You will see discs flying to the left of you. The pullout is immediately in front of the pitches (Stadionvorwiesen).

If you come by bus or by car, you take the „Autobahn” (highway) and need to take the A1, next exit north from the cross Köln-West (A1/A4) “Köln-Weiden”. There you turn right on the Aachener Straße which you follow for about 2 km, then you turn right on the Militärringstraße. Next possibility (Junkersdorfer Straße) again turn to the right and once again next possibility (Roman-Kühnel-Weg) again turn to the right. Find yourself a parking spot. You’ve reached your final destination.

Parking spots are available in sufficient quantity, first at the Roman-Kühnel-Weg (close to the Olympiaweg), second at the south side of the RheinEnergie-Stadium.

If you come by flight, the distance to the big, international Cologne/Bonn airport is less than 25 kilometers. From the airport there’s an „S-Bahn“ (rapid transit system) to the central station (approx. 15 minutes) so that you can reach the tournament with changing trains and waiting time from the airport in about an hour of time.