High expectations!

Turnierheft-RückenOne day to go – Infrastructure is being set up

Only one day until the twentieth European Youth Ultimate Championships are about to begin! High expectations are with all participants – starting with the hosts who are chalking the pitches today, over the EUF officials who already arrived in Cologne up to the players and coaches who will by and by arrive in Cologne to be part of EYUC 2013.

On Monday, August 5 will be some training sessions already on the Greenfield “Stadionvorwiese”, including a scrimmage game between the Junior Open teams of Ireland and Germany at around 1 p.m.

Boeni_Get-readyTeam registration will be a major point on Monday, so that all rosters are approved and all participant agreements will have been handed over. What kind of a players pass is this? Of course dozens of questions need to be asked and need to be answered, too. There are always a lot of details people got to know. For basic information all players will receive a tournament brochure and hopefully will have full orientation before Tuesday when the first regular games start.

But still before on Monday the opening ceremony will take place at 4:30 p.m. in the stadium of the ASV Cologne club which is the host for the championships in Cologne, with more than 40 teams from 16 nations the biggest EYUC ever! Then at about 5 p.m. the opening game in the U17 Open division will start between the three times defending champion in a row and host Germany against the all-time archrival Great Britain.

So-Express_04.08.2013The Tournament Organising Committee can’t wait to see all the players and coaches who invested a lot of time, effort and money, too, to make this championships happen. Like today the Sunday Express in Cologne wrote: “The sport is a disc” and in the caption: “Fighting for the disc you need a snap reflex”. Hopefully all your reflexes will work well. CU on the fields!

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